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Our Instructors

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Kathryn Brannan


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Toni was introduced to Pilates while living in Europe over 30 years ago. She immediately recognized its value in supporting a healthy lifestyle. Today, Pilates is a pivotal and necessary workout for her to continue with sports and competitive International Latin ballroom dancing.

Toni trained in Europe, New York and New Jersey, certified through the Power Pilates Studio in New York City, and certified for a comprehension certification with Real Pilates in New York City, and Fair Haven, NJ. In addition, she has certifications in the following areas: Safe Spotting in a Post-Pandemic Pilates World; Art of Verbal Cueing; How to Teach Open Level Classes; and Basics of Anatomy.

Toni's experiences and training in Pilates, as well as experiences as an educational leader and world traveler, add to her ability to inspire and challenge you to recognize your strengths and reach your potential.

Toni Mullins


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Denise Drago Kornblatt


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Denise Drago Kornblatt is an accomplished Pilates Instructor. She has Power Pilates Certifications for Beginner Mat and Intermediate Mat. She also has 600-hour Comprehensive training including Reformer, Tower, Cadillac, Chair and Advanced Mat. Her experience also includes 235-hour Yoga Therapeutics. She also has certification for teaching special needs young adults yoga. Denise has a BS in Psychology and a BS in Nursing. Her career as an RN included Pediatric and Neonatal experience. She also enjoys teaching Zumba and Aqua Zumba at various facilities in the area and, of course, she enjoys taking yoga and Pilates classes regularly.

Kathryn was first introduced to Pilates while obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in Dance at the University of Maryland, College Park in 2001.  As a Creative and Performing Art Scholar, a simple pre-rehearsal introductory mat class turned into a life-long passion.  Discovering how Pilates could increase strength and stamina while simultaneously improving flexibility, Kathryn turned away from the typical gym routine and turned to the reformer! 

Kathryn was certified in 2003 as a Classical Pilates instructor under the guidance and validation of Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph H. Pilates' protegee.  Upon completion of the 700 hour certification program, she began teaching at the Center for Pilates, LLC.  As one of the few classically trained instructors in the central New Jersey area, Kathryn has had the privilege of working with a full spectrum of clientele, from busy moms and elite athletes, to those rehabilitating from serious injury or replacement surgery.   

Teaching Pilates since early 2003, Kathryn was ecstatic to take over the role as owner of what is now the Center for Pilates of Red Bank, LLC.  Her devotion to her clients drives her to maintain the welcoming, encouraging, non-competetive environment of the studio.  Kathryn strives to give each client a comprehensive, invigorating workout in the manner that Joseph Pilates intended.

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The Art of Pilates

Joseph Pilates

The Pilates Method of body conditioning is a unique system of exercise using a series of movements to stretch and strengthen the total body, especially the abdomen, back and hips. Using resistance rather than impact, the Pilates Method develops muscular power and endurance providing a challenging workout for people of all ages and fitness levels, as well as, those rehabilitating injuries or physical conditions. Unlike many exercise programs that leave you bored and tired, the Pilates Method coordinates the mind, body and spirit, leaving you feeling renewed and energized.

Joseph H. Pilates developed his system of resistance training over seventy years ago while serving as a hospital intern during WWI. He began rehabilitating patients with resistance exercises using hospital bed springs, from which he designed the specialized apparatus we use today.

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