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"It is the body that shapes the mind."


About Us

About Us

At our authentic Pilates studio, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service. Our personal attention, comprehensive knowledge and dedication to each client create an atmosphere of excellence. Using Gratz equipment, as designed by Joseph Pilates, we will guide you to reach your individual fitness goal, while continuing to strengthen your core, correct posture and improve flexibility and balance. Whether you are looking for a private, duet or group class, the Center for Pilates of Red Bank will give you the tools of the classical Pilates method to create a lifetime of health!


The Health Benefits of Pilates

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all fitness levels

Beginners to experienced athletes - All fitness levels can quickly benefit from Pilates


A safe increase in length and strength of whole body flexibility, resulting in increased range of motion

improved posture

A strong core results in proper alignment and elongation of the spine, helping to correct postural issues


Practices in good breath technique help to build more energy and increased stamina


Increased strength of the back, abdomen, and pelvic floor, help to stabilize the body in healthy movement


Long lean muscles with increased strength throughout the entire body


Improved strength and flexibility of core muscle groups help to alleviate back pain and issues

Mind/body Connection

Pilates helps to connect the mind and body through mindful repetitive exercise aligned with coordination of the mind


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Contact Us

The Center for Pilates of Red Bank

The Galleria

2 Bridge Ave, #314

Red Bank, NJ 07701

Tel: 732-345-1515


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