The most comprehensive approach to Pilates. Work one-on-one with an instructor to assess your needs and develop a workout matching your fitness level.  Learn the basic principals of the movement, the way each exercise prepares you for the next, the set up and transitions on equipment, and specific modifications for your body.  You will have access to all of the equipment, plus a review of exercises to practice at home.

  • One Private Full Session - $90

  • Private Session 4 Pack - $320

  • Private Session 8 Pack - $600

  • One Half-hour Private Session - $35

  • Half-hour Private Session 5 Pack - $165

  • Half-hour Private Session 10 Pack - $300


Get started in Pilates with a friend or family member! One instructor will guide two clients through the Pilates regimen. You will learn how to access your deep core strength while using the full system of apparatus.

  • Single Duet Session - $55 Per Person

  • Duet Session 4 Pack - $200 Per Person

  • Duet Session 8 Pack - $360 Per Person


Tower classes are an even more dynamic approach to the matwork. Using the resistance of multi-level springs on a tower unit, this class enhances the principles of your Pilates workout: posture, breath, flexibility, coordination, and concentration. A greater level of control is required for this hybrid of mat and apparatus work.

  • One Single Tower Class - $40

  • Tower Class 4 Pack - $140

  • Tower Class 8 Pack - $240


Enjoy the benefits of personal instruction, from the privacy of your home! Your instructor will guide you through a class tailored just to you, all you need is enough space to lie down. Additional props such as a small ball, Theraband, or Magic Circle can be incorporated as well.  A Zoom link will be sent to you once your date and time is set. 

  • One Single Zoom Private Session - $65

  • Zoom Private Session 4 Pack - $240

  • Zoom Private Session 8 Pack - $440

  • Zoom Half-hour Private Session - $35

  • Zoom Half-hour Private Session 4 Pack - $120

  • Zoom Half-hour Private Session 8 Pack - $200


This gentle, stretch based class is a great way to wind down at the end of the day.  We now offer our Mat classes via Zoom so that our clients can participate in the experience from the comfort of their own home.

  • Zoom Mat Class - $25

  • Zoom Mat Class 4 Pack - $80

  • Zoom Mat Class 10 Pack - $144